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Who are occupational therapists?

Put in simple words, an occupational therapist is mainly a professional who helps patients across different lifestyles in engaging in things which they desire to do in their day to day lifestyle. The most conventional occupational therapy incorporates assisting kids with their ailments as well as their physical and mental disabilities. They also help their patients in joining schools like any other child and regaining their lost confidence and urge to live. Occupational therapists also provide aid and assistance to adult patients who are experiencing cognitive as well as physical changes.

The premier occupational therapists in the land of the Sheikhs

So for all those who are in need of a quality occupational therapist, we are here to serve. We are a friendly and premier occupational therapist Dubai agency and across our span of services, have catered to the needs of numerous patients.

Our primary objective:

Our primary goal is to eradicate all the existing flaws, both physical as well as mental, in the best possible manner and to ensure that we provide nothing less than the complete cure. For us, all our patients are important and to achieve the best results we always conduct a personal analysis to determine our client’s appropriate therapy and also to determine their goals. With our top notch evaluation, we always ensure that our client’s ability is enhanced and whether some changes are to be carried out to achieve better and more fruitful results.

We are proud of our professionals:

We are also proud to state that the team of professionals who will be giving out occupational therapy in Dubai is second to none in terms of qualification, skills as well as adeptness. Our top skilled occupational therapist in Dubai, assist clients to get back their spunk and lifestyle during the post-traumatic periods. Along with that, our therapist will also analyze their homes and if needed try and modify their living environment to provide a safe and secure lifestyle. The most important thing which we try and do for our patients is infuse confidence which they lost due to their recent tragedy. We also recommend and educate our clients to the use of our adaptive equipment just to better their body functioning.

Our specialty:

Along with catering to the needs of adults or seniors, we also have professionals who are known for offering top class occupational therapy for children in Dubai. The thing which makes us exclusive and different as compared to all the different existing kids occupational therapist Dubai is our commitment towards our clients. We always try and give 200% of dedication and for us no problem is incurable.

  • We provide specialized interventions in different health situations, namely burn, surgery, HIV as well as solutions for mental disorders.
  • We also analyze children’s cognitive as well as psychological requirements and continually try and monitor their progress and body functioning using our state-of-the-art technology and skills and experience which we have gathered.
  • We also allow kids to participate in different social activities and try to improve their confidence in a number of social scenarios.

Amazing Speech Therapy Physical Therapy Offer:

  • Session per hour is AED 300 (280 after parking reimbursement) when paid in 5 sessions or 350 AED per hour when paid one per session.
  • Session per 45 minutes is AED 240 AED (220 after parking reimbursement) when paid in 5 sessions or 300 AED per hour when paid one per session
  • Parking Fee reimbursement per visit up to 2 hours at the parking including the parking in the basement.
  • FREE Initial Consultation by Consultant Child Neurologist and FREE Follow Up Consultation every 3 months (given as credit toward therapy).
  • FREE Evaluation for patient (Excluding the Medications cost).
  • FREE On spot Orthosis Evaluation.
  • FREE Pick up and drop off can be arranged as per availability of the driver within Dubai Area.
  • One Patient only per physical therapy gym. Spider Cage and Therasuit therapy.

Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center

We make sure to provide a focused and individualised service to all our patients, as we understand that each case is unique from others, and each child has different needs. We want all kids who visit our center to feel safe and relaxed, and have fun throughout the consultation and activities. Through our center, children of all ages stand to benefit from the expertise of an American Board Child Neurologist. Our services are available in reasonable packages and cover speech therapy, physical therapy, and pediatric neuro consultation.