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ADHD Treatment in Dubai

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder characterized by constant inattention or hyperactivity-impulsivity, which impedes the growth, development and functions of a person. It mainly affects children and teenagers, and can continue until adulthood.

People affected with ADHD (formerly referred to as ADD) experience difficulty in concentrating on tasks and easily get distracted. They exhibit a short attention span when listening to lectures, talking to people, or faced with lengthy reading. For children, they are unable to pay attention in school and at home.

ADHD is more commonly observed in boys than girls, and children with the condition usually display symptoms during their school years, or as early as the age of 4. Adults affected with the disorder face challenges managing their time, staying organised, and achieving their goals. They also have difficulties keeping their job and getting quality sleep; they have a tendency to get addicted to something and encounter issues in their relationships.

Meet our team of ADHD / ADD specialists

At Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center, we have a team of experienced in-house experts who are updated with the latest developments in the field of ADHD. They are equipped with extensive knowledge, proper training, years of experience, and the skills necessary to treat various cases of the condition.

Each specialist provides thorough and detailed consultation with our clients to identify and decide on the ideal treatment options. Depending on the result of check-ups and examinations, they will prescribe medication and activities that will produce the best results in treating the disorder. We also provide counselling, depending on the cases of each patient and their physical and mental condition.

Get the best treatment for your child

Aside from taking care of adult patients, our specialists are extremely capable of treating children with ADHD. Our specialists sit with young kids and make them comfortable throughout the consultation and series of treatments. We make sure we fully understand your child’s medical records and history to determine the best form of treatment for them.

Your child can also benefit from the counselling we provide, which serves to motivate them and enable them to complete their tasks impeccably. They will also enjoy activities that are meant to gradually treat the symptoms of ADHD in children.

We are ready to answer all your questions

We understand the concerns of each of our patient’s family members, as well as their parents. We promise to dedicate time and effort to answer any questions our patients and their families may have. For us, trust is key in enabling our patients to overcome the disorder’s challenges and live happy, fulfilled lives. Our patients are the main pillars of our success, and if they have smiles on their faces, then we consider that to be our real success.

What is ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADD is considered to be an outdated term for ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The main symptoms of ADHD are trouble focusing, hyperactivity in kids and impulsivity. Inattentive ADHD is type of ADHD, which was called ADD in the past.

ADHD is a neuro-biologically based disability estimated to effect 3% to 5% of school age population in many countries including UAE. There are three types of ADHD Inattentive, Hyperactive, and Combined.

Inattentive ADHD is the most common type as it makes the kids to loose focus easily. The main symptoms can be diagnosed if the child is: easily distracted, trouble focusing on tasks, not able to complete activities or chores, not able to complete schoolwork, not listening to speaker, avoid tasks that require long mental focus and many more.

A Doctor may diagnose the Hyperactivity if the child: talks excessively, appears to be always doing something, sever difficulty waiting for the turn, difficult sitting in one position for long, gets up often from seat when expected to be seated, runs around and climb in appropriate situations, unable to play calmly or quietly, interrupts others constantly.

Dr. Hamza Alsayouf, MD is one of the leading child neurologist in Dubai. Book your consultation with an American Board Consultant Child Neurologist today.

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