We are glad to announce that we got our experience in successfully curing autism core and comorbid conditions at our center at , Dubai Healthcare City ,Kids Neuro clinic and Rehab Center accepted to be published in international, peer reviewed, PubMed and PubMed central indexed and open access journal with five year impact factor of 2.6 ; Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. Against all the odds that ASD cannot be cured we have reported the first and only 18 ASD cases in the medical literature ever reported to be successfully treated using pharmacological medications at our center in Dubai from 2017 to 2020. Ten cases have complete resolutions of ASD signs and symptoms, and 8 cases have almost 60 to 80 % improvements in their symptoms and still under treatment. We have explained in detail how we did treat these patients using our own self developed protocols over the last 8 year of my practice in Dubai ,United Arab Emirates. We have used FDA approved medications to treat comorbid difficult behavior in autism spectrum disorder patients in combination with medications used to treat ADHD. While these medications have been available in the market for many years to treat autism and other disease like ADHD, we think our success in curing autism using these patients, (as discussed in the article), is due to the following facts:

  1. Using these medications to treat ASD signs and symptoms and not just to treat behavioral issues as indicated by FDA with the assumption that ASD are neuropsychiatric in nature and need to be treated this way. This assumption was based on our own earlier observations treating these patients plus the current scientific evidence.
  2. Chronic use of antipsychotic medications with further dose optimization to target the core symptoms as much as possible.
  3. Combining antipsychotic medications with ADHD medications to help control ADHD symptoms and or boost attention as attention plays a major role in learning process.
  4. Use of individualized treatment plan and trying to find the best combination that suit every patient.

Detailed treatment journey for each autistic patient including medications’ dosing, combination and ongoing evaluation were explained in this article. This big and unprecedented treatment success in treating autism patients at Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center at Dubai Healthcare City add to the ongoing success we have already reported in treating autism patients long before with multiple patient’s video testimonies. Though we have successfully treated many other patients with autism we selected this sample to be the first cases to be published and many more autism cases will follow. You can see video testimony at the following link:

We hope that this study will help direct the attention to the importance of pharmacological intervention with standard supportive therapies in order to treat ASD signs and symptoms. We sincerely hope that double blinded placebo-controlled study will be done to help cure this debilitating disease. Will share the link of the article once it is life.

Autism Treatment in Dubai

Autism refers to a neurodevelopmental disorder covering a range of conditions that impair a person’s social skills and verbal and non-verbal communication. It also causes a person to have restricted or repetitive behavior.

Here at Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center, we understand that each case of autism is unique for every individual. As such, our specialists devise and provide complete autism treatments according to the unique needs of each patient. Preventive measures are also done to alleviate behavioural issues, as well as treat the main symptoms of autism, which include sleep complications, seizures, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Specialised autism treatment for kids in Dubai

Our experts analyse the condition of each child using the most advanced treatments, latest findings, and medical equipment. We provide different types of intervention measures for children, depending on their individual needs. It may include behavioural treatments, medications, or a combination of both.

What we do:

  • Our experts examine the medical history of a child, in addition to conducting reviews and examinations, to determine the best possible treatment plan.
  • We have a team of paraprofessionals who provide unparalleled assistance to our experienced autism therapists.
  • We have designed our therapy programmes to incorporate specific activities that help ensure children progress and meet their respective goals regularly and properly. For example, children with this condition may benefit from focused social skills training to improve how they interact and perform at school.

What makes our quality of treatment different?

Our center focuses on the main areas that have been primarily affected by autism, and we seek to rehabilitate these gradually through an organised, step-by-step treatment plan. Children are encouraged to participate in programmes that will enable them to become more confident and at ease in various social situations. They are given ample opportunities to mingle with other kids, and we work closely with them to help them overcome their speech and communication problems.

Tell us what you and your child need

If you need more information about our center and programmes for kids, you may reach us at . One of our professional staff members will gladly answer your questions and let you know how we can help in your child’s holistic growth and development.

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