• Ana Slavova Loining

    Introduction: Speech and Language Pathologist with 18 years of educational background. Dealt with Speech and Language disorders including Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, Global developmental disorder, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Articulation error,

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  • Karen May Sulleza

    Introduction: Karen May Sulleza, completed her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at St. Pauls University Iloilo, Philippines in 2003. The following year she passed her Professional Board Examination

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    Cerebral Palsy The term cerebral palsy refers to any one of a number of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement and

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  • Headache

    Headache There are four types of headache: vascular, muscle contraction (tension), traction, and inflammatory. The most common type of vascular headache is migraine. Migraine headaches are usually characterized by

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  • TICS

    TICS Disorder A tic is a problem in which a part of the body moves repeatedly, quickly, suddenly and uncontrollably. Tics can occur in any body part, such as

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