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What Is a Child Neurologist or Pediatric Neurologist?



What Is a Child Neurologist or Pediatric Neurologist?

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A child neurologist, or pediatric neurologist, is a doctor that deals with diseases and conditions that affect the nervous system in children less than 18 year old. For example, if your child has seizures, delayed speech, poor muscle tone,frequent headaches ,ADHD, or Autism, your pediatrician may ask a neurologist for an evaluation. This branch of medicine is called child neurology or pediatric neurology field. A pediatric or child neurologist is a neurologist that treats children. This type of neurologist has specialty in dealing with children from birth to young adulthood (less than 18 year). In addition to a four-year medical degree, a pediatric neurologist or child neurologist usually does minimum of 2 year pediatric training plus three or more years of training in child neurology. The American Board of Pediatrics certifies child neurologists. In some cases, child neurologists may work as part of a team with your child’s primary care doctor and a developmental pediatrician to develop a treatment plan for your child if he has some difficult or serious medical concerns. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD or autism) may see a child neurologist, in order to deal with sensory issues or behavioral issues associated with autism.

What Do Neurologists Do?

Child neurologist or pediatric neurologist diagnoses and treat a variety of conditions. Neurologists deal with children who have seizures, head injuries, or muscle weakness. They also develop treatment plans and help manage the care of children that have disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) and autism. Children that have developmental disorders, such as speech delays, fine and gross motor delays, and coordination issues, may also see a neurologist. A neurologist may also treat children who have learning disabilities or learning delays.

Sometimes, a developmental doctor may ask you to take your child to see a neurologist to rule out any serious issues.


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