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Cognitive developmental Assessments (IQ Testing) | Kids Neuro and Rehab Center


A test designed to measure a person’s intelligence OR  test designed to determine the relative mental capacity of a person.
Despite the many limitations of IQ tests, they’re still helpful when used cautiously to predict how well children will perform in various educational environments.  The results also help to identify strengths and weaknesses in children’s learning styles.  Individual IQ tests administered by a psychologist are much more reliable than group tests, but even the latter can provide helpful information.

IQ tests give reasonably effective results for children from about age four; however, scores are less reliable for preschool children than for school-age children.

The only purpose for having children tested as early as age four is if parents believe their children are unusual. If children are spontaneously reading or have mastered math concepts very early, an IQ test can be used to help consider early entrance into school or appropriate educational curriculum. If children seem to be struggling with early home learning, the IQ test can help decide whether they need special preschool programs.