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Pediatric Neurologist

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The best emerging resource for child neurology is Child Neurology in the United Kingdom, which despite its emphasis is an up to date source of links, news, discussion, and practice resources for pediatric neurologists worldwide. The Child Neurology website had been the leading pediatric neurology portal for some time,although the website’s design is rudimentary and brief, but clear. Child Neurology also runs the Child-Neuro email discussion list (www. waisman.wisc.edu/archives/child-neuro.html), which can be joined by emailing mack@waisman.wisc.edu. Pediatric neurologists will also find the Neuromuscular Disease Center and Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) particularly valuable resources for up to date information about neuromuscular and genetic diseases respectively.Tables of contents and email alerts are available— sometimes requiring registration—for the main journals, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology (www.journals. cambridge.org/ journalofdevelopmentalmedicineandchildneurology), Neuropediatrics (www.thieme.de/neuropediatrics), and Journal of Child Neurology (www.bcdecker.com/bcdecker/soc3.asp?bjid=69), but free access is not provided to the full text of the online journals.

Dr. Hamza Alsayouf ,MD.
Consultant Child Neurologist and Epileptiologist
American Board.
Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center

Dubai Healthcare City, Building 64, Block C, Unit 6004
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