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Speech Therapy

Children Speech Therapy

General Overview

When children have impediments in speech, they understand it pretty well. They know that they are somewhat different from the other kids. This can significantly reduce their confidence and leave them shattered. It is true that such issues are alright if kids are of a very early age, but when they reach the age of 10-11, this can be a setback for them and cause some serious complications.

Who are we?

We, at Kids Neuro and Rehab Center in Dubai, take care of all the speech issues which kids have at their tender age! We have a dedicated group of experts, who can provide specialised children speech therapy, improving the socializing skills of children and developing their self-confidence. Every speech therapist at our clinic will treat kids handed over to them as their own. We, collectively, will incorporate some new speech skills and also improve their means of communication in a very short span of time. We are confident of our abilities and believe that we have the best therapists gathered from not just Dubai but beyond boundaries also.

An insight about our children speech therapy program:

We give out personal and friendly services and that too, in a fun-filled and compassionate environment for children of all age groups. Each employee and speech therapist from our team in Dubai understands the value of such speech therapy for kids and how it helps infuse confidence and self-belief within them. We cover all the latest steps and mechanisms to conduct the best possible sessions for all kids. Every single kid is checked and analyzed by our renowned neurologists. Plus, we also make sure to include the child’s parents by giving them regular feedback via their dedicated speech therapist about their child’s progress.

Our packages are affordable to all

In terms of our packages, we also try and make our speech therapy packages as cost effective as we can, so that everyone can participate in our program.

We are proud to announce that in terms of speech therapy for children in Dubai, we are going to be the first organization that is going to be operated, managed as well as directed by the Consultant American Board Child Neurologist.

The main goals of children speech therapy:

We aim at improving the speech muscle coordination by sound repetition and also imitation methods.
We also aim at improving the communication which takes place between the brain via usage of some auditory as well as visual aids, namely tape recorders as well as mirrors.
We make sure that all kids take part in breath exercises, make them learn the language and also speak out that language with some positivity and confidence.
In our program, we also make use of different communication modes, namely gestures or augmentative communication units.
We also aim at improving the ability to understand things and also express those via expression, thoughts or ideas
We also make our students independent and ensure better quality of life.

Our real achievement

Our aim is not to become the best Kids speech therapy Dubai agency, but to try and help as many as we can. That will be out real achievement. So come to us and allow our in-house speech therapist in Dubai to transform your children without any limits.

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