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Procedures we do in pediatric neurology dubai, kids neuro rehab Center Dubai


Procedures we do

  1. EEG – Electroencephalogram
  2. 4-8 HOURS Video EEG 24-96 HOURS Ambulatory EEG
  3. Vagal Nerve Stimulator for refractory epilepsy Ketogenic diet for refractory epilepsy
  4. Concussion evaluation and testing
  5. Developmental Evaluations
  6. Nerve conduction studies/Electromyography
  7. Helmet orthosis clinics for plagiocephaly
  8. Review of MRI and CT scans
  9. Sphenopalatine block for headache, neck pain, facial pain and chronic back pain
  10. TOVA test for ADHD
  11. Play attention for ADHD brain training
  12. ABR hearing test
  13. Therasuit Pediatric Phyiscal Therapy
  14. Spider Cage