Spine Pain Centre

Spine Treatments Overview

Conservative and Surgical Treatment of Spine Diseases

NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES: consultations for low back pain, neckpain, radiculophaty and disc herniation, headache, scoliosis, walking disorders, neurological disorders, tumors, etc.

MINIMALLY INVASIVE PROCEDURES: treatment of Degenerative Disc Disorders, lumbar and cervical radiculophaties and disc herniations, osteoarthtitis of facet joints, osteoporotic vertebral fractures, with percutaneous systems or computeraided navigation techniques (local infiltrations, decompressors or laser discectomy, adiofrequency of facet joints, oxygen/ozone therapy, kypho-vertebroplasty, etc.)

SURGICAL PROCEDURES: open surgery for congenital, traumatic, degenerative diseases or tumors of the spine.

  1. Foraminotomy for spinal nerve decompression
  2. Spinal fusion with cages, rods, plates and screw fixation, for the treatment of degenerative spine diseases, vertebral instability, stenosis, adult scoliosis.
  3. Micro and open surgery for treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniations
  4. Local treatment of methastatic spine tumors
  5. Treatment with kipho- and vertebroplasty of somatic fractures due to osteoporosis or injuries

Orthopaedic Consultations

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, bone fractures and sport Medicine.

Non-operative procedures: intra-articular injection of steroid, hyaluronic acid, lipocell, PRP.

Orthopaedic Surgery:

  1. Hip, Knee and Shoulder arthroplasty
  2. Revision surgery of hip, knee, and shoulder arthroplasty loosening
  3. Treatment of bone and joint infection
  4. Knee and shoulder arthroscopy
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